The Mythics of Amonkhet: Part 1


    Greetings friends!  In this series we’ll be taking a look at all of the mythics from Ahmonkhet.  I’ll be giving my thoughts on their playability (or lack thereof) in various formats with a special eye towards any janky shenanigans we might be able to use them for.  And yes these would go great in your (insert commander here) deck, but we’ll probably keep the topic and Standard and eternal formats for now.

    We start off with what I think will be an absolute Jank Junction all-star.  Taking turn 3 to play an enchantment that offers no immediate benefit is exactly the kind of card I love.  This is definitely going to see play in modern with cards like Ancestral Vision and the rest of no-mana cost suspend cycle.  But do to a rules-change to how split card CMC’s are evaluated there are fewer toys for it to play with.  And in Standard?  Unless vehicles or cat get pushed out of the format, I don’t anticipate seeing this at the top tables.

    Oh Bontu.  Why are you getting no love?  I’ve seen commentary declaring Bontu the worst of the new god cycle, but I’m not so sure.  I’d love to see another aristocrats deck instead, and I think he could be a powerful piece of that puzzle.  His activated ability is hefty but workable and it’s value with the revolt engines in Aether Revolt is worth exploring.  There is also marginal blowout potential in combat even if you have no other creatures on the board.  Opponent declares attacks and you push in response and eat another ground creature seems pretty good.  Aristocrat decks love a long game and this guy makes combat very unappealing.

    Oh hey!  This would go great in my Narset, the Enlightened Master deck!  These extra combat steps don’t typically see a ton of play in standard.  I am however looking forward to playing this with Always Watching.  I doubt we’ll see this as a 4-of in any decks, but I can see playing 1-2 copies.  As long as Walking Ballista is a force in the format I don’t expect to be celabrating with this guy.

    Hey look!  It’s our unplayable 7cmc black mythic for the set!  All memes aside I think this might be better than it looks.  Unlike Remorseless Punishment (and other effects where the opponent decides) Cruel Reality is mandatory and it wins the game.. eventually.. if you don’t die.  If this gets played anywhere it will be in a durdly control deck that wants to play an extremely long game.  The only problem with that of course is that the current top deck in the format (4c Saheeli) plays that same game with a combo finish and can feed creatures to this for essentially forever.  One things I would like to try is putting this in a deck with Emeria Shepherd.  Because who doesn’t like cheating out 7cmc enchantments?  On turn 7.  Well we didn’t call this Jank Junction for nothing!

    That’s all for this time!  Be sure to leave your thoughts below in the comment section.  If you enjoyed this article feel free to share it among your card slinging friends.  For more Jank be sure to checkout our Youtube channel and follow us on Twitch.


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