Welcome to the Budget Depot!  Magic is an incredible game, but it can be expensive.  Most new players posts on the magic subreddit are inevitably filled with comments like, “RIP your wallet” and “Get out now before it’s too late!”  Luckily there are tons of resources for the magic player on a budget and Jank Junction is proud to be joining the likes of Saffron Olive and all the contributors over at r/budgetdecks.

Budget Depot will aim to bring you competitive decks at competitive prices!  If that sounds good to you then follow me dear reader!

Have you wanted to play burn in standard?  Do you like living on the edge?  Do you enjoy decks with high skill ceilings?  Is lightning bolt your favorite card?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, all your dreams can come true for the low price of 50 tix or $100.

While none of these cards are exactly lightning bolt, they are close enough for our purposes.  Fiery temper is often just bolt in this deck and is an easy 4-of.  Unlicensed disintegration is just the best removal spell in the format.  So why aren’t we playing four copies?  Because we’re only running 8 artifacts.  Anytime you have to cast Unlicensed without the damage to the face feels bad.  Incendiary flow is extremely relevant in a format plagued by Scrapheap Scrounger and can also toss three damage at their face when needed.  One of my favorite turn two plays its just aiming one of these at their face.  It sends your opponent a very clear message. Dynavolt tower is a repeatable bolt and synergizes with all of our energy generation.  Hungry Flames is probably the worst of these, but it does a passable job at imitating Unlicensed Disintegration.

While these spells can’t kill creatures like an actual lightning helix, they can go face and gain us some life in the process.  Machinations spends most of the game gaining energy and we can sac it to either gain life if we’re going to die or to drain them out of the game.  Ideally you will always be casting Alms for its madness cost, but you can hardcast it if necessary.

Each of these cards either provides card advantage or enables another part of our deck.  Tormenting Voice and Midnight Oil pull double duty drawing us cards and enabling madness.  Painful truths is fantastic here and is often drawing three cards.  Prism replaces itself and turns on Unlicensed Disintegration.

There is not much to note here.  One important interaction to point out is that it is often correct to tap spire for colored mana as a way to generate energy with Gonti’s Machinations.

The sideboard is also pretty straightforward.  Pushes for Heart of Kiran’s, To the Slaughter for 4c Saheeli.  Glint-sleeve is a fantastic game three surprise after an opponent boards out most of their removal.

For those of you on an Ultra-Budget plan check out this version. Big savings can be had in the sideboard without changing the gameplan.


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