Welcome to the Budget Depot!  In episode #4 Drake Haven and Call the Bloodline let their powers combine to create an incredibly fun deck.  This deck is a blast to play and you owe it to yourself to try it out at your next FNM.

UB Drakeline $61 (34 tix)

Forgotten Creation

YOLO!?  Am I right?  Yeah unless you’re this basement-dweller.  Then you just keep living and living and living in a forgotten binder, in a backpack, sitting in the corner of a giant convention center.  Plotting, waiting, dreaming of the day that WotC will print the support you so desperately deserve.  That time is now!  This deck is highly synergistic and only functions well when its playing with all the pieces.  Forgotten Creation finds the pieces and makes great use of them.  If you find yourself shouting, “YOLO!” on your upkeep don’t fret!  Good things come to those who wait.

Drake Haven

The pièce de résistance of the deck is Drake Haven.  This unassuming enchantment, is one of your primary wincons.  The drakes it provides pressure planeswalkers well and quickly count down from 20.

Call the Bloodline

Make some zombies, a drake and a vampire?  Why thank you I would love too!  Need to steal your opponents Gideon?  We can do that too!  Call the Bloodline does everything we could hope for in one card.  We get to trigger Drake Haven, make win conditions (or chump blockers depending on the situation) and madness our spells.

Pull from Tommorrow

This deck needs fuel to survive and Pull from Tomorrow does just that.  This generates insane card advantage in the late states of the game and in this deck the discard is a feature not a downside.  If budget wasn’t an issue replace the two glimmer of genius in this list with these.

This acts as an early cycler if you need to find lands and can draw you cards later.  It’s a flexible card but I haven’t been blown away by this one yet.

Glimmer of Genius

Glimmer is great.  Is it great without a way to use the energy?  Meh.  This is fine, but if you have the budget go with the full set of Pull from Tomorrow.

Nagging Thoughts

I have this nagging feeling that this card is not great in the deck, but then I inevitably draw it and end up being happy playing it.  We get card selection and occasionally value if we get to discard it.


$#*$&% this is a great card!  Like many others I brushed this little beauty aside during spoiler season.  I’ve learned the error of my ways.  If our opponents play around this, they risk losing to our incredible long game.  If they don’t we get to play Counterspell in standard.  Later when everyone has scores of lands in play you can convert this into drakes.

From Under The Floorboards

This is one of those cards that piled up on my MTGO account from drafting.  At one point I had upwards of 13 or so.  The card is still not amazing, but it fits well in the deck.  Sometimes you’ll find yourself casting it for x=1 and that is completely fine.  Other times an entire phalanx of the undead will come shambling into play.

Welcome to the Fold

You haven’t lived until you’ve stolen a Heart of Kiran or a Gideon, Ally of Zendikar.  This lets you steal more mundane creatures as well, but what is the fun of that!  Control Magic is already a two for one and madnessing this out makes it a 2.333 for one.

Rise from the Tides

Rise from the Tide is one of my absolute favorite cards from Shadows block.  This helps to close out the game and you should only be casting this when x is 5 or more.

This is the first deck where I haven’t felt like the Battle, Shadow and Cycle lands are bumping up against one another in uncomfortable ways.  Sunken Hollow feels great here due to the number of basics the deck is running.

Choked Estuary

The shadow lands play beautifully with the cycle lands and fix for our colors.

Fetid Pools

In an ideal world we would be playing a full play-set of these.  But this is BudgetDepot and concessions must be made!  It fixes, it cycles it makes drakes oh my!  These lands are great and if you can run four you should.


Negate is here to make sure you can resolve Drake Haven and Call the Bloodline.  Its also great for any deck running planeswalkers.  Bring all of these in against control.

Never to Return

Sometimes there are just too many planeswalkers to counter and with several 3 cmc walkers in the format they often come down early.  Bring this in when you need all-purpose removal.  The second half of the card is occasionally relevant.  Exiling an embalm creature or turning off delirium is pretty big game in the right situation.  Having the option already stapled to a good card is what makes it powerful.

Advanced Stitchwing

The stitchwings are in the board for control matchups where it seems unlikely that you will ever resolve a drake haven.  These guys eat counters for breakfast and keeping coming back for more.  Advanced Stitchwing gets the nod over his little brother when facing decks that could be packing sweepers.  The 4 toughness is often relevant.

Stitchwing Skaab

Like big bro up above, this skaab is great against control decks.  NOTE: both stitchwings become much worse when facing down Void Shatters.


4 Forgotten Creation


4 Call the Bloodline
4 Censor
4 Nagging Thoughts
2 Pull from Tomorrow
2 Glimmer of Genius
4 Drake Haven
2 Welcome to the Fold
4 From Under the Floorboards
2 Rise from the Tides
2 Hieroglyphic Illumination


4 Choked Estuary
2 Fetid Pools
9 Island
4 Sunken Hollow
7 Swamp


4 Negate
4 Stitchwing Skaab
4 Advanced Stitchwing
3 Never // Return


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