Welcome to the Budget Depot!  Now that Aetherworks Marvel is gone the format has opened up a bit and we no longer have to devote so much of a deck to beating a T4 Ulamog.  Today’s deck is our take on a list that originated with /u/tThorns on /r/spikes.  We’re cutting a ton of the power inherent in cards like Selfless Spirit and Avacyn, but surprisingly Oketra’s Monument is where the real power of the deck lies.

Oketra Weenie $23 (3.6 tix)

Bygone Bishop

You remember that 3 cmc creature that makes a bunch of clues?  That one from bygones ago?  No?  Well let me reintroduce you to Bygone Bishop.  This is one of the main engines of the deck and looks better here than it ever has before.  The amount of cards it can generate is ludicrous and far outclasses Tireless tracker in the grind-them-out game stages of the game.

Thraben Inspector

Although it is one of the few cards that doesn’t take advantage of the cost reduction of Oketra’s Monument, it’s still one of the best cards in standard and surprisingly one of the pricier cards in the deck (this bad mama-jama will set you back $3.60 for a playset).  It’s cheap, it makes its own clues and it is one of the primary bounce targets for Aviary Mechanic.

Anointer Priest

While some pricier lists will run Glory-Bound Initiates we’re opting for this humble priest.  She is cheap and has the potential to bring games back from the brink due to her life-gain ability.

Aviary Mechanic

This innovation came from /u/KunrinG over at /r/spikes.  Aviary Mechanic lets us “rebuy” some of our effects like Thraben Inspector or Stasis Snares in case we need more clues/tokens or need to take care of a bigger threat.  There are some other niche uses like resetting a flipped Pious Evangel.

Hanweir Militia Captain
Westvale Cult Leader

Militia Captain is great here.  With the monument out it creates two bodies towards its flip ability and can take over the game if not dealt with.

Pious Evangel
Wayward Disciple

I’ve loved this card since it was spoiled and have often tried to build it as an aristocrat combo piece.  I think I finally realized that’s not what it was designed for.  Its anti-sweeper tech!  Versions of this deck are starting to become popular online so decks that prey on these are inevitable.  Don’t flip this until they’ve cast their sweeper!

Fairgrounds Warden

This deck wants to cast creatures.  And if our creatures also happen to be removal even better.  You do need to exercise good judgement with this guy.  Just be aware of whats underneath him, because wiping the board is a regular occurrence with the deck.

Oketra's Monument

This is the cornerstone of the deck and without this the deck wouldn’t exist.  Don’t mulligan hands where you have this and it is cast-able.  Making 1/1’s for free is already a really poweful ability.  Making your creatures cost less just makes this insane.  I’ve found myself with an empty board facing lethal and a topdecked thraben inspector + monument has brought me back and allowed me to win the game.  If only the other 4 monuments were this good.


Dusk // Dawn

Everyone knew this was an incredibly powerful card when it was spoiled, but it requires a very specific type of deck.  ALL of our creatures can be brought back with Dawn.  It is often a 5cmc draw 5.  The only creature it destroys of ours is a flipped militia captain.  This card is insane here and is a mandatory 4-of.

Stasis Snare

Sometimes we do have to remove creatures and Stasis Snare fits this bill.  The biggest threat to our deck is creatures with trample so save your removal effects for things that can’t be chumped easily.  In some matchups (RGRhonas.deck for example) you’ll bring in the whole playset.


24 Plains.  Boom.  Done.

The lands are where we find our first easy upgrade path.  3-4 Westvale Abbey and 1 Geier Reach sanitarium would bump the decks powerlevel up considerably.  There are some decks like GB Delirium that have zero or very few answers for an Ormendahl.  Moving forward I want to test out a few Blighted Steppe to see how they perform.

Stasis Snare

Sometimes you need 4 copies!  Snare is good against creatures that you don’t want coming back (scrapheap scounger, zombies, etc) and for creatures that are annoying but don’t die to Dusk.

Aven Mindcensor

Do you enjoy making GB Delirium decks scoop?  Because Mindcensor will do that if you cast it in response to Traverse the Ulvenwald. This is a very narrow sideboard cards, but it really is great against any decks running traverse or Sanctum of Ugin.

Cast Out

Cast out is great against troublesome permanents like Planeswalkers, enchantments, etc.  However its really not good against Two-Tix Red and similar low to the ground decks.  I could see upping this to three and dropping a Mindcensor.

Because sometimes you need to get rid of your opponent’s Monument!  All jokes aside this is just a flexible card that can by cycled for 2.


4 Thraben Inspector
4 Anointer Priest
4 Aviary Mechanic
4 Hanweir Militia Captain
4 Bygone Bishop
2 Fairgrounds Warden
4 Pious Evangel


4 Oketra’s Monument
2 Stasis Snare
4 Dusk // Dawn


24 Plains


2 Stasis Snare
2 Cast Out
3 Sacred Cat
4 Aven Mindcensor
2 Aerial Responder
2 Forsake the Worldly

To be honest I’m really surprised at how well the deck performed.  We racked up an impressive 7-1 match (14-6 in games) record with the deck in the 2-person queues.  When I first saw the deck that 5-0’ed I figured that it was winning games on the back of Avacyn and Westvale Abbey, but even without either of those cards this deck performs very very well.  The lifegain and clue generation in the deck allow you to play long grindy games where Dusk // Dawn can really show off its power.  If you are in the market for a fun, very affordable deck to take to your next FNM this deck is for you!


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