Welcome Eternal Players!  Wait!?  You don’t even know what Eternal is?  Well the developers (aka LSV, Chapin, Wraptor and many more magic pros) over at Direwolf Digital tell us that its:

Eternal brings Triple-A pace and polish to the the infinite possibilities of a deep strategy card game. Build any deck you can imagine by freely mixing cards from an expanding collection, and plunge into lightning-fast battles. The only limits are your own creativity. A Game that Grows With Its Players.

Depending on who you ask Eternal is either a Magic: The Gathering-lite or a HearthstonePlus, but I’m becoming more and more convinced that its better than both of its competitors.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I love Magic and will probably continue to play, but Eternal manages to scratch the same itch that Magic does.  But enough of my love for the game!  We’re here to investigate whether or not this game can be played FREELY.


Eternal is on its surface obviously free to play.  Its free to download from Steam, the Campaign is free, you get free cards, etc.  If you’ve ever been around seasoned Magic players encouraging new Magic players you’ve probably heard something like this, “Just start out doing Drafts.  You get to pick the cards you like and its only $10-15.  And then you can use those cards to build a Standard Deck!”  And while that is technically true, what they really mean is, “Draft and find out how amazing this game is!  Then you’ll be willing to drop several hundred dollars on a Standard deck!”  So for the context of this article we will consider this game to be truly free-to-play if the end result is a full out Tier-1 Deck with no budget substitutions.  The stretch goal will be to see if we can collect a complete set of all cards.

I am going to assume that you have finished the Campaign.  If you haven’t yet finished the Campaign go do it already!

Ok so you just finished the Campaign and you should be greeted with a screen that looks something like this  (Note:  I have an extra quest due to waiting a day after completing the campaign).


We currently have 3 active quests, but before we tackle those we’re going to dust some of the rares we don’t need and build our very first gauntlet deck!  From this list its safe to dust General Izalio, Valkyrie Spireguard, Ashara the Deadshot, and that dapper circus fellow.


Ok so you’ve dusted your useless rares (RIP circus man) and you need to build a deck to grind gauntlet with.  What to do?  Don’t fret our friendly local Bandit is here with a lesson on grinding the gauntlet.

Once you’ve finished that beautiful treatise pick one of the gauntlet grinding decks that appeals to you.  You really need to love your Gauntlet deck, because you’re going to be playing it.  A bunch.



In this corner we have the goal we will be working towards.  The closer you get to your goal the more gold you’ll be generating.

What we can afford

To start with craft all of the commons from the GOAL deck.  From there move to the uncommons, and then if you have any shiftstone left, the rares.  At this point you can also throw in a few of your on-faction rares.  In our case thats Steelfang Chakram and Impending Doom.  The goal of most of the decks in KC_Bandit’s list is to win by turns 3-5, so if your rares cost more than that you can safely leave them out.

OK everyone with me so far?  Ok cowgirls and cowboys its time to run the GAUNTLET!!!!

PHEW!  We did it!  At this point we have about 3 hours of play in and we have a serviceable Gauntlet deck (NOTE:  I ended up taking this deck into ranked just for some giggles and had a positive win-rate with it in the Bronze league) Thanks for watching everyone!  Next time join us for our first Forge run!



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