Welcome back Eternal fans!  The next patch is currently incoming so I have nothing better to do than the next installment of our Free to Play series.  It’s been a good few days of playing and we’re up to about 12ish hours played (NOTE:  I will start keeping accurate track…..now!).  We’ve opened 42 packs and done 2 Forge runs and 5 Drafts.  To get caught up checkout Part 1 Here.

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Alright!  When we last left off we had just finished our first gauntlet run which earned us a free forge run!  Ok so what do you need to know before you leap into forge?

  • The AI is the same as in Gauntlet, which means combat tricks will always blow the AI out.
  • You only pick two colors in forge.  When you select your first card you will only see cards of that color and cards from the next color you pick for the rest of your picks.
  • The client builds your manabase for you.
  • If you get 7 wins in forge you get a “Rank Up” chest which awards you 1000 gold in addition to two gold chests.
  • Around the 34ish minute mark of the video there is 10 seconds or so of dead space.  Why?  Because dammit Jim, I’m a card slinger not a video editor!

OK got it?  Lets head into the video!

Well so far so good!  We did have one loss, but all that matters is that we got the 7 wins.  This sets us up for our first chance at a draft!

Join us next time for our first Draft video, a State of the Account overview, and planning for the future.



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