Welcome back Eternal fans!  Have I mentioned yet that I’m a huge Eternal fan.  I really really love this game.  Sometimes I look at those hours played with regret, sometimes with pride, but the undeniable truth is that I have played the hell out of Eternal.  Ok you didn’t come here for my personal reflections, you want to know if Eternal is free to play.  Let’s check out where we are so far.


Well that is not bad at all for only 15 hours played!  Amusing story time.  I initially took screenshots of each pack I opened, and was planning on having a “pack log” page where viewers could check out every pack opened.  I got up to 40 screenshots and decided it was impractical.  Let’s look at the progress we’ve made on the gauntlet deck.




It felt good to craft our set of Bandit Queens and the consistency of the deck increased significantly.  Our next targets are probably going to be Soulfire Drakes and Argenport Instigators.  We’ve made it to Diamond in Gauntlet and Silver in Forge, but draft has been our biggest earner by far.  We’ve done 6 drafts and gone 6-3 twice with the rest being some middling finishes and one 1-3 disaster.  Initially I made a video of our first draft and you’ll be able to check it out on our youtube channel soon, but I really wanted to do a pick-by-pick walkthrough of a draft for those who aren’t as familiar with the format. Why should you listen to me?  I’m a decent drafter.   Let’s dive in! (Note:  I’ve been battling a cold lately and I’m missing two picks from this walkthrough.  I’m blaming the cold medicine).


Oh God what did we do to deserve this pack!  There are literally zero cards I would be happy first picking!  Typically I like to start a draft with a mono-faction card, but in this case I think spell-shield architect is the strongest card.  You do lose tempo by exhausting a unit, but giving one of your bombs or flyers Aegis is worth it.  Runnerup:  Ridgeline Watcher

Ok this is more like it!  The rare is missing from the pack so that doesn’t give us any information.  We have two good removal spells in Xenan Initiation and Extract.  If possible I like to be in Time, Fire or Primal in draft so in this case its an easy Initiation.  Other considerations would be Jotun Cyclops and Journeyman Armor.  Runnerup: Extract

Lots of good playables here.  I’m happy to pick an Awakened Sentinel here.  Warp is probably the most powerful mechanic from Omens of the past.  Other considerations are Thunderhoof Warrior or Ridgeline Watcher.  I do like evelop, but those tend to wheel.  Runnerup: Thunderhoof Warrior.

Here we have our first instance of the person passing to us picking a common over one of the uncommons.  This could mean that Fire and Shadow are open, usually that depends on whether or not the uncommons are good.  Savage stranger is pretty decent with its base stats usually being 4/3 for 4.  Jawbone hatchet can be decent, but you really need to be able to enable spark consistently for it to be good.  We also see several playables in Justice.  Strength of the many is very good,  but I prefer to be solidly in Justice before I pick any.  Valkyrie Denouncer is the strongest card in the pack, but that would mean throwing out our previous picks.  In this case the pick is Sparring Partner.  We don’t have any 2-drops yet and it seems Justice might be open. Runnerup:  Strength of the Many

Looks like Fire is open and this is an easy Gun Down.  It is expensive, but 5 damage is the threshold for most units we care about killing.  Also important to note that there are 3 solid Primal cards left in this pack.  Runnerup:  Jotun Cyclops

This is a super easy Praxis Stranger.  We need 2-drops and its in our colors.  Runnerup:  Crafty Yeti

Pick 7 was one of the instances where I don’t have a screenshot.  We picked up an Amaran Archeologist.

Blinkwolf is a fantastic pickup here.  Its serviceable as a 2-drop, but the real value is the card advantage gained by playing it off the top of your deck.  Runnerup:  Serpent Mount

Fire is definitely open as we see a super late cannon bearer here.  We haven’t seen any Purifys yet, so that might mean praxis/time is being cut, but Fire is wide open.  Runnerup:  Topaz Drake

Firemane cub is the pick.  Ping effects can be powerful in draft, but the body is quite lacking.  Runnerup:  Cloudsnake Hatchling

Gun down should never be going as late as 11th pick.  Really good pickup and more signals that Fire is wide open in this direction.

It’s a tough choice, but I think Cabal Bludgeon is the pick here.

Before we dive into the next pick lets take stock of where we are at currently.  We’re solidly in praxis with 3 removal spells and 6 units.  Under normal circumstances the clear pick here for me is Amber monument.  Power cards that can become creatures later in the game are extremely powerful.  However this is our Free-to-play account so we’ll be taking Shogun’s Scepter.  Its a decent buff, and a free Oni Ronin is great value.  Other considerations are Outlands Sniper & Pteriax Hatchlings.  Runnerup:  Amber Monument.

The rare was taken out of this pack.  If we were already in primal I would take the Skycrag Wyvarch.  However in this case its an easy Towering Terrazon.  Runnerup:  Skycrag Wyvarch

At this point we need to pick up some additional 2-drops.  Sauropod Wrangler goes well with our Terrazon and Cannonbearer and is the pick here.  Runnerup:  Seek Power

Well there’s an Execute!  It’s always a hard choice when you see something you’d like to splash along with a splash enabler in the same pack.  In this case we’ll be speccing on Execute.  Is that three Borderland Waykeeprs we’ve passed now?  Runnerup:  Amber Acolyte

Three options here.  Alchemical Blast, Rampage and Decay.  In this case I picked Rampage, but I could see Decay being the correct pick.  Also in this pack the best Xenan Card!  Its the camel!  Runnerup:  Decay

Crowd Favorite is the only playable in our colors.  I’m not a huge, fan, but Shogun’s Scepter is the kind of card I’m happy to play with it.  Runnerup:  Elysian Banner

Nothing playable here, but we’ll take the Rakano Flagbearer.

Pick 20 was a really late Sauropod Wrangler.

Dusthoof Brawler here.  Hopefully we don’t have to play it.

Perfectly playable Pyre Adept here.  This might even make the deck.

Steadfast Last Pick

Oooooh Baby!  We’re forcing Skycrag now!  Right?  No.  Molot and Nakova is the pick here, but it won’t make the deck and it shouldn’t influence our future picks (too much).  Picking it here solely for the collection/dust value.  Things to keep in mind moving forward.  We have two Sauropod Wranglers so we can prioritize fatties a bit, and we’re looking to splash Shadow.  Runnerup:  Xenan Initiation.

Humbug swarm is our pick here, I’m not super happy second picking this, but we are in colors that like tokens and pumping them up.  We are looking to splash Shadow, but it’s too hard to double splash for Extract.  Runnerup:  Extract.

Wow this pick is really difficult.  We are planning on splashing Shadow so Bonepicker seems good.  We also just have a fantastic time card in Sand Viper.  When deciding whether to splash cards I typically rely on an easy formula.  Is the card removal?  If its not removal can it win the game by itself?  If the answer to either question is yes its probably worth splashing.  In this case we’re going to take Shadowlands Bonepicker  Runnerup:  Sand Viper.

Tha’ts a purify!  This is exactly what we wanted and we’re being rewarded for reading the signals correctly in pack 1.  Runnerup:  Premium Sand Viper.

We currently have zero 4-drops so the pick here is Outlands Brute.  I think the card is decent and you can occasionally get in surprise damage since it has charge.  Runnerup:  Praxis Stranger.

Praxis Stranger here.  Legendary Dragon dream is alive!    Runnerup:  Streetwise Informant.

So happy to see Sandstorm here.  This card at its best is capable of total blowouts and at its worst it cycles for 2 power.    Runnerup:  Audacious Bandit.

Topaz Drake so Molot and Nokova don’t get lonely in the sideboard.    Runnerup:  Belching Behemoth.

Denouncer over Oathkeeper.

Easy IlyaK here.

Easy Lumen Defender here.  Runnerup:  Dormant Sentinel

Stonescar Banner    Runnerup:  Combust.

Really happy to pickup a Towertop Patrol here.  Besides sandstorm and our removal we don’t have good ways to deal with flyers.    Runnerup:  Bold Adventurer.

I’m not sure what the pick here should be, but we took Temple Scribe because I like drawing cards.    Runnerup:  Horned Vorlunk.

Took Hatchlings over Ornamental daggers.  Unlikely to play either.

Sandwarrior for the collection.

Gorgon Fanatic for the Collection.

We took Predator’s Instinct over Amber Acolyte here.  I think that pick was probably incorrect as we didn’t end up playing the second copy.

None of those last 4 picks were significant.  Ok so lets take a look at the final build and the results.

The deck was total gas and was capable of 7 wins, but we didn’t get there this time.  I’m super happy with the result though!

So where do we go from here?  Well we keep drafting and building our collection.  When we run out of gold, we’ll gauntlet until we can draft again!  We need to finish our Gauntlet deck and maybe see if we can find a budget build to take to next weeks ETS.  Join us next time!

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