Eternal Metagame: Chalice




Importable Decklist

4 Seek Power (Set1 #408)
4 Desert Marshal (Set1 #332)
4 Kothon, the Far-Watcher (Set2 #218)
4 Temple Scribe (Set1 #502)
3 Vanquish (Set1 #143)
4 Amber Acolyte (Set1 #93)
4 Combrei Healer (Set1 #333)
3 Eilyn’s Choice (Set2 #220)
4 Wisdom of the Elders (Set1 #218)
4 Crystalline Chalice (Set1 #359)
4 Harsh Rule (Set1 #172)
4 Lumen Defender (Set1 #115)
4 Channel the Tempest (Set1 #244)
2 Justice Sigil (Set1 #126)
3 Primal Sigil (Set1 #187)
4 Time Sigil (Set1 #63)
4 Elysian Banner (Set1 #421)
4 Seat of Order (Set0 #51)
4 Seat of Progress (Set0 #58)
4 Seat of Wisdom (Set0 #63)

Keep Or Mull

Check your answer!

Mulligan.  All of your power comes in depleted and you don’t have a 2nd Justice source for Harsh Rule

Check your answer!

SNEEEP (aka Snap Keep).  Desert Marshal on 2, Amber Acolyte on 3, Hold up Wisdom on 4, potential to Harsh Rule on 5.

Check your answer!

Easiest redraw of our life.  1 power in this deck is an instant redraw.

Check your answer!

Keeping this is a bit risky, because you need to draw something useful off the scribe.  Hesitant Keep.

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