Stonescar Burn Queen

Deck Tech and Gameplay


Importable Decklist

4 Oni Ronin (Set1 #13)
4 Pyroknight (Set1 #16)
4 Torch (Set1 #8)
2 Annihilate (Set1 #269)
4 Argenport Instigator (Set1 #268)
4 Rakano Outlaw (Set1 #20)
4 Rapid Shot (Set1 #259)
3 Vara’s Favor (Set0 #35)
3 Cabal Countess (Set1 #506)
4 Champion of Chaos (Set1 #402)
3 Bandit Queen (Set1 #389)
4 Impending Doom (Set1 #286)
4 Obliterate (Set1 #48)
3 Soulfire Drake (Set1 #47)
7 Fire Sigil (Set1 #1)
5 Shadow Sigil (Set1 #249)
4 Diplomatic Seal (Set1 #425)
1 Granite Monument (Set1 #423)
4 Seat of Chaos (Set0 #60)
4 Stonescar Banner (Set1 #419)

Keep Or Mull

Check your answer!

This is an easy mulligan/redraw.  No turn one units and our power comes in depleted.

Check your answer!

This is a marginal keep.  We have a turn 1, play and things we can do later.  This becomes much better if you draw a 2 drop.

Check your answer!

If you watched any of the games, you’ll know I’m likely to keep hands where I can play Oni Ronin on turn 1.  This is not one of those cases.  This hand is 1 shadow source away from being a keep.

Check your answer!

Rakano Outlaw is one of our strongest turn 2 plays, but I’m hesitant to tell you to keep a hand like this.  This becomes a little better if we’re on the draw, but to be safe this is a mulligan.

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