Eternal Brews: Brightest Day, Blackest Night-Mono Justice


Hey, everyone!  If you are looking for a budget deck, we have a doozy for you today.  The deck is a blast to play and performs surprisingly well despite its low cost.  If you’re just here for the Green Lantern reference, Welcome!  Come on, tell me these folks aren’t part of the Green Lantern Corp!  Just look at them!

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Brightest Day, Blackest Night


Importable Decklist

4 District Infantry (Set1 #134)
4 Finest Hour (Set1 #130)
4 Minotaur Oathkeeper (Set2 #70)
4 Inspire (Set1 #129)
4 Minotaur Grunt (Set1 #137)
3 Strength of Many (Set2 #73)
2 Talon of Nostrix (Set2 #74)
4 Tranquil Scholar (Set2 #76)
4 Auric Sentry (Set1 #146)
1 Emerald Ring (Set2 #80)
4 Silverwing Familiar (Set1 #152)
4 Valkyrie Enforcer (Set1 #151)
4 Hammer of Might (Set1 #170)
4 Mantle of Justice (Set0 #21)
25 Justice Sigil (Set1 #126)

Keep Or Mull

Check your answer!

This is a perfect hand.  1-drop into 2-drop with interaction and a Mantle.

Check your answer!

Although this hand is functional, we need to redraw because it isn’t affecting the board state until turn 3.

Check your answer!

This hand is GAS.  Turn 1 Infantry, T2 Grunt or Oathkeeper are really solid plays.

Check your answer!

This would be a risky keep because we only have one creature.  If the Tranquil Scholar dies the rest of our cards will just rot in our hand.  Redraw this one.

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