Hello, everyone!  Welcome back to another installment of our Eternal free-to-play series.  Direwolf has added several new features that are fantastic for the free-to-play player.  Before we dive into those let’s take a quick look at the state of the account.

When we started this series we were actually questioning if you could play Eternal freely.  The fact that they give you so many rewards you stop keeping track is probably a pretty good sign.  We’ve made significant progress across the board in terms of our collection.  We also managed to hit Gold 1 this season in ranked playing our Stonescar Burn deck.  Speaking of that deck.

We managed to complete our goal that we set out in the first article!  We’ve got ourselves a Tier 1 deck with zero budget substitutions.  This all happened quite anticlimactically one day as I finished a draft and realized I hand enough stones to craft the four obliterates that I needed.  We managed to do this while playing about an hour a day for the last month.  Which seems completely reasonable and something that most players could accomplish.


One of the new features that were added is puzzles.  These are so much fun and really help you learn new interactions.  There were even a few that I was unaware of (aegis protecting a silence the void effect being one).  You can also earn 4000 gold for completing them all, which is almost an entire draft!  I would highly recommend completing the puzzles on your own, but if you are struggling there are plenty of resources available.

Faction Rewards

Many of us who have been playing since the beginning received quite a pleasant surprise when faction rewards were released.  They were retroactive which meant I got 33 packs and 13,000 gold on my main account.  And while new players won’t be experiencing Christmas in September, the rewards give you something to work towards even if you’re on a losing streak.  They also happen to get you over the 5000 gold hump right when you need it!  I’ve been close a few times and timely faction reward allowed me to fire up a draft.

Moving Forward

Honestly, there is not much left to write about this topic.  Eternal is one of the most free-to-play games I’ve seen.  It will be interesting to see how Direwolf Digital handles new player collection development in the future.  Currently, we have 2 sets and 2 expansions already in the card-pool and the gap between established and new players is only going to grow.  I anticipate we will be seeing a rotating format soon.  So that is it for this series!  If we do ever manage to acquire a complete collection I will do an update.  It will be interesting just to see how long it takes.

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