Today we have quite a treat for you!  The incredibly talented drafter and streamer extraordinaire, mann_und_maus, is with us for our very first Streamer Spotlight.  If you haven’t tuned in for one of his educational draft streams, you are doing yourself a disservice!

Check out his stream at

The current schedule is 10:30 am starting time for the variety stream, a short lunch break at 3 pm and then Eternal draft from 4 pm onwards.

JankJunction: Thanks for being here today! Hopefully, we’ll be able to find out more about the mann behind the hippo. On your twitch page, you say that you sometimes react to the name Raphael. Is that because it’s your name or is it an assumed identity? Or would you rather not say?

mann_und_maus: That is just me trying to work in a bad joke when I could instead just state that my name is Raphael. I might need to rework my panels :smiley:

JJ: Ha! When you aren’t streaming what do you do with your time?

MuM:  What do you mean “when I’m not streaming”? :stuck_out_tongue: Jokes aside, every free minute goes either towards uni-related work or just household stuff.

JJ: What are you studying at University? Do you hope to one day disregard all you’ve learned to stream full time?

MuM: I’m studying Chemical Engineering, Right now I’m not sure if I want to take the path of a full-time streamer if the option becomes available, but I’m certainly considering it.

JJ: What about streaming appealed to you when you first started?

MuM: Streaming combines my all of my favorite activities. Playing video games, interacting with people and being able to “help out” if that makes sense. I started the stream with an “educational” approach in mind, rather than focusing on entertainment

JJ: It does make sense. Do you have a favorite memory from streaming so far?

MuM: It’s not really a single memory, but being part of the community that has grown around the channel is a great experience.

JJ: What first drew you to Eternal and how long have you been playing?

MuM: Like so many others I was tired of Hearthstone and I was looking for an alternative. I found somebody mentioning Eternal in the salt mines that is the Hearthstone reddit, gave it a try and never looked back. I was looking for a game that could scratch the MTG itch and Eternal was perfect for that.  I’ve been playing for 7 months now.

JJ:  You’ve said before that you love to draft. What was your first drafting experience? Was it Magic: The Gathering or something else?

MuM: If you want to call Hearthstone Arena drafting, then this was my first drafting experience. Apart from that I have no background in drafting or card games in general

JJ: Wow, I would not have guessed that!  Were you able to go infinite in Hearthstone Arena?

MuM:  Yes, compared to Eternal it is significantly easier to go infinite in Hearthstone.

JJ:  So far we’ve had two draft formats in Eternal. Do you prefer one over the other?

MuM: Set 1, not even close. While I don’t mind Set 2 drafts, I think it was easier to draft decks with a focused gameplan in Set 1 instead of just trying to assemble a lot of quality cards and hoping it works out.

JJ: Do you have a favorite card in the current draft format?

MuM: Well, if it’s not limited to Set 2 then Flash Freeze is my all time favorite. From the new set, I think I like Centaur Ladies bringing their cannons to the battlefield.

JJ: Haha! I had a feeling Cannon Bearer would make an appearance.  So you obviously stream Eternal, are there any other games that you enjoy streaming?

MuM: Oh yes, for a month now I have split the stream into two parts to create some room for variety streaming. While I do love Eternal I don’t want to miss out on all those sweet games still waiting to be played. We finished a Xcom2 campaign on stream and currently I’m banging my head against the wall that is Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth. And there is surely more to come!

JJ: Do you have a favorite streamer? Eternal or Otherwise?

MuM: My favorite streamer outside of Eternal is Grubby. And when it comes to Eternal streams Grimfan is my No.1  :smiley:

JJ: Awesome! Thanks so much for doing this today. One more question. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be and why is it baklava?

MuM:smile: It would most likely be a pretty short “rest of your life”, I’d go down with no regrets though!

If you have a favorite Eternal or Magic streamer you’d like to see profiled comment below!  Thanks everyone!


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