What would be your first pick?

Our Pick

This is a pretty difficult pack to evaluate.  The rare is somewhat unexciting.  A 4 mana 2/2 is rarely where you want to be, even though I would happily 1st pick a clever stranger.  I think the deck that really wants Library Phoenix is probably Skycrag.  When it’s played on curve the Library Phoenix is pretty bad, but as a top deck later in the game, a 5/4 flier is amazing.  Moving on from the bird we see Purify as the next strongest card, followed by Direwood Prowler.  I have a heavy anti-shadow bias, but I also don’t like starting the draft in 2 factions.  I think there is also a strong argument to be made for Praxis Stranger.  It can be played in any deck and could potentially be valuable for fixing.  Ok enough rambling.  Praxis Stranger is the pick.  Runner-up:  Purify or Direwood Prowler.


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