Hey everyone! I’m Micah and I realize I’m not using this meme correctly.  Nobody was even playing Kyojun and Hellfire Oni together, but I’m a Dad, so I get to misappropriate youth culture as I see fit.

When I first saw that we got a dragon tribal card, I knew I had to brew with it.  I tried a few variations where I tried to play as many dragons as possible, but Oni Dragonsmith just wasn’t enough to justify playing so many expensive cards.  You know what they say, “when one tribe isn’t enough, add another!”

The Deck

Oni and Dragons and…

I ranked up from 400-195 while playing this deck over the weekend and we went 6-1 in the gameplay video.  Overall I’ve been hovering close to a 70% win rate with the deck, but I suspect some of that % is from opponents not knowing how to play against it.


Importable Decklist

4 Oni Dragonsmith (Set1003 #2)
4 Oni Ronin (Set1 #13)
4 Torch (Set1 #8)
4 Warhelm (Set1 #14)
4 Miner’s Musket (Set3 #10)
4 Ornate Katana (Set1 #23)
3 Rakano Outlaw (Set1 #20)
4 Cinder Yeti (Set1002 #1)
4 Crimson Firemaw (Set1002 #3)
4 Kyojun, Grand Shugo (Set3 #31)
2 Pouncing Drake (Set2 #28)
4 Shogun of the Wastes (Set1 #51)
4 Soulfire Drake (Set1 #47)
22 Fire Sigil (Set1 #1)
4 Granite Waystone (Set3 #1)

The Cards

What Fire deck doesn’t play Oni Ronin?  It’s the best 1-drop in Fire and only gets better here with Kyojun along for the ride.

Oni Dragonsmith is amazing.  I’m sure you’ve heard the comparisons to Delver of Secrets, and if you haven’t let me be the first to do so. Oni Dragonsmith is basically Delver of Secrets.  Delver only requires cheap cantrips as a deckbuilding cost and it gets flying instead of quickdraw.  Dragonsmith needs expensive dragons, but offsets that deckbuilding cost by reducing their overall cost.  Sequencing can be a bit tricky with this card, so we’ll go into later in the “How do we Win” section.

Rakano Outlaw is the odd woman out here and she’s been cut down to a three of because I really wanted to run 26 power.


Crimson Firemaw on turn 3 wins games.  The fact that she makes your 1/1 into a 3/2 with quickdraw is a big part of that.  My problem with Firemaw before was that you hardly ever got to connect if you played it on turn 4.  Usually by that time your opponent had a board and could spend their turn killing your unit.  When it comes down on three that dynamic is totally different.  Now they have to choose between building their board or removing the threat.  Firemaw on three also blocks most of the Rakano units sans pump spell.

Kyojun is a BEAST!  Just look at the way he’s chillin.  He does not GAF.  He’s also finally playable with the addition of Dragonsmith.  He is incredible vs control in the later parts of the game when they’ve burned through their Board wipes.  Once he connects at least once you’re happy to have him eat a slay.

The Soulfire Drake nerf from 5FFF to 6FFF makes alot more sense in light of Dragonsmith.  Can you imagine having someone play Firemaw on three and then follow that up with Soulfire on four?


Cinder Yeti is neither an Oni or a Dragon, but instead belongs to a third tribe.  Roleplayer.  The card is great at pushing damage and the Overwhelm is relevant once it gets an Ornate Katana or a Shogun pump.

The deck really needs at least 10 Dragons and once you get past Firemaw and Soulfire the mono-fire options that you are happy playing quickly drop.  Here I’m happy to include 2.

Miner’s Musket is one of my favorite cards.  The kind of tempo and utility it provides is fairly unique.  I’ll often play this on two instead of Rakano Outlaw to try and create busted turns.


Ornate Katana is mostly here to draw power and dig for dragons.

Shogun of the Wastes plays a similar role to Pouncing Drake in that we need a certain density of Oni to make Kyojun worthwhile.  He also allows you to attack int x/3’s and x/4’s that would otherwise get stonewalled.

Torch is great.


Warhelm is the card I’ve been most surprised by.  I’m almost always happy to have one in my opener and my favorite sequence of plays is T1: Oni Ronin, T2: Dragonsmith + Warhelm.

Pretty standard powerbase with 22 sigils and 4 waystones.  I would like to test of playing a small number of crests, but I haven’t done so yet.

How Do We Win?

We win by out tempo-ing our opponents.  The tempo, in this case, is generated by cost-reduction effects.

I mentioned earlier that sequencing with Oni Dragonsmith can be tricky.  If your opening hand contains both Ronin and Smith, you always want to play Ronin on T1 and Smith on T2.  Even if you don’t have a Firemaw in hand I like to play Smith on T2 because you could always draw into Firemaw.

If you are playing against shadow on the draw and your only 1-drop is Dragonsmith, play it on T2, unless you have a Rakano outlaw in hand.  If you are on the play against shadow, go ahead and play Smith on T1 in case you draw a 2 drop or Katana.

There are probably a dozen or so other cases I could list, but you’ll get the hang of the deck with some practice.  For more examples be sure to check out the video.

When evaluating your opener you should be looking for two things.  A 1-drop and a cost reduction effect that isn’t Crimson Firemaw.


The Matchups

There are only 1 or 2 decks that this actually feels unfavorable against.  The games seem to be much more draw dependant than matchup dependant.


Skycrag, Rakano, FJP Plate, Stonescar Slingers.


Armory, Lifeforce


Grenadins, Chalice

Keep or Mull

Check your answer!

This is a PERFECT Hand.

Check your answer!

This is not a keep.  Playing T2 Outlaw and then praying for something else to play is not a good place to be.

Check your answer!

This is a keep but it’s not a great hand.  If we draw a Dragonsmith on T2 the hand is great.

Check your answer!

Redraw.  We need early game plays to win.

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