Eternal P1P1: September 22, 2017

Bad news?  More like great news amirite!?!  I personally think EVERY warp card is playable.  Others disagree.  Runner-up:  Tranquil Scholar.

Eternal Card Game: Free to Play – Part 3 Draft

Welcome back Eternal fans!  Have I mentioned yet that I'm a huge Eternal fan.  I really really love this game.  Sometimes I look at...

Eternal Metagame: Skycrag Aggro

Skycrag Aggro last updated 01/07/18 Eternal Warcry Decklist 4 Oni Ronin (Set1 #13) 4 Permafrost (Set1 #193) 4 Snowcrust Yeti (Set2 #105) 4 Torch (Set1 #8) 4 Champion of...

Eternal Draft Project: Stranger Things – Part 3

Hello, everyone!  It's Micah and Flash, back with another installment of our series investigating and analyzing the data collected as part of the Eternal...

The Scrapheap – Eternal Stranger Things

Welcome back to the Scrapheap!  Today we'll be walking through a deck based around strangers and warp. The Big Idea Warp is extremely powerful.  Maybe even...

Eternal Draft Snap: 1-3 with 5F Pile of I missed the signals

All of my games felt winnable, I was colored screwed once.  *shrug*

Eternal Draft – Omens of the Past – #2

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Dusk Road P1P1: #2

Easy Extinguish here.  Runner-up: Trail Maker.

Eternal Draft Project: Dusk Road 7-win Deck-lists #3

Micah, here with another installment of Dusk Road 7-win deck-lists!  ThePlatypusKing may rule over the monotremes, but it seems they may also have claim...

Eternal Brews: Reanimootaur and 2 other MooBrews

Hey, everyone!  The Tales of Horus Traver have descended upon the meta and wrought a moopacolyptic whirlwind that even Sandstorm Titan can't withstand.  Let's...