Eternal Draft Snap: Dusk Road Hooru 7-0 featuring Amilli

This was by far my easiest 7-0 deck yet.  I played Amilli 4 out of the 7 games and she obviously wins games.  Continue...

Eternal Metagame: Feln Control

Feln Control last updated 01/07/18 Eternal Warcry Decklist 2 Sabotage (Set1 #252) 3 Seek Power (Set1 #408) 3 Annihilate (Set1 #269) 3 Lightning Storm (Set1 #206) 2 Lightning Strike...

Eternal Draft Basics: Terms

This post is no longer being updated.  Please see the Knowledge Base instead!Hey everyone!  We're back again with another draft guide.  This time we...

Eternal Draft Snaps: 7-2 with Stoneshaker Praxis

15 Power Aggro Ramp is the new draft Meta?  Easiest 7-wins yet.

Eternal Metagame: Skycrag Aggro

Skycrag Aggro last updated 01/07/18 Eternal Warcry Decklist 4 Oni Ronin (Set1 #13) 4 Permafrost (Set1 #193) 4 Snowcrust Yeti (Set2 #105) 4 Torch (Set1 #8) 4 Champion of...

Dusk Road P1P1: #2

Easy Extinguish here.  Runner-up: Trail Maker.

Eternal Metagame: Stonescar Royal Burn

Stonescar Royal Burn RNG Tier List last updated 1/07/18 Eternal Warcry Decklist 4 Grenadin Drone (Set1 #5) 4 Oni Ronin (Set1 #13) 4 Pyroknight (Set1 #16) 4 Torch...

Eternal Metagame: Chalice

Chalice last updated 9/19/17 Eternal Warcry Decklist 4 Seek Power (Set1 #408) 4 Desert Marshal (Set1 #332) 4 Kothon, the Far-Watcher (Set2 #218) 4 Temple Scribe (Set1 #502) 3...

Eternal Draft Project: 7-win Decklists 12/28-1/3

Hello everyone!  Micah here, and I'm back with all of the 7-win decklists from 12/28-1/3.  Argenport has fallen off a bit this week as...