Draft Formats

The Eternal Throne

The Eternal Throne Consists of 4x The Eternal Throne Booster packs.

This format is no longer available in the client.

Omens of the Past

2x Omens the Past and 2x The Empty Throne.

Drafting Order:


Basic Concepts

Color/Faction Pair

Decks are typically built around 2 colors/factions.  The factions are typically synergistic withing their pairs.

The Omens of the Past Factions:

  • Praxis – Fire and Time
  • Skycrag – Fire and Primal
  • Argenport – Justice and Shadow
  • Xenan – Shadow and Time
  • Hooru – Justice and Primal

The Empty the Throne Factions:

  • Combrei – Justice and Time
  • Rakano – Justice and Fire
  • Elysian – Time and Primal
  • Feln – Primal and Shadow
  • Stonescar – Fire and Shadow


A splash is when you include cards in your deck that are outside of your main color pair.


Fixing are the sources of faction influence that you play in your deck that you use to cast your splashed cards.  Common types of fixing in this format are strangers, banners, and seek power.

The Draft

Open Colors

If a color is open it means that the players passing you cards are not drafting them.  It is helpful to be in open colors.


Signals are pieces of information that tell you whether a color is open.  An example would be getting passed a powerful rare.  If this happens you would assume that that rares colors/factions are open.

Check out RNGEternal’s Drafting 101 for more on signals.


Raredrafting is an approach to drafting where you take the highest rarity card out of every pack.  This can be a valid approach to quickly increase a collection.  However rare-drafted decks typically under-perform.


Bombs are cards that will win the game on their own if they cannot be dealt with.


Removal are cards that can be used to kill or otherwise incapacitate your opponents cards.  Bombs might deal the damage, but removal wins games.

During the Games

Pump Spell/Combat Trick/Fast Spell

These terms refer to cards that can be played during the priority window when blocking and attacking.  They are also known as “cheating” according to my spouse.  🙂

High Level Concepts


B.R.E.A.D. is a basic drafting strategy.  It stands for Bombs, Removal, Evasion, Aggro and Duds.  The strategy says that you should focus on cards that fall into these categories in the order they appear in the Acronym.